Thoughts on Irony

09 Aug

For years, MOMD has wanted a treadmill.  Literally, years.  2 years ago, when we were spending Christmas on the Rock with his family, and his Mom got a new treadmill (she had worn out the other one), he was so jealous he was almost in tears.  I have watched flyers for him around boxing day, thinking that perhaps we could buy one after the Christmas madness.  No matter how good a deal it was though, he never made a purchase.

A couple of months ago my Aunt mentioned on Facebook that she was selling a treadmill.  And a couple of months ago, MOMD was about to turn 40.  So I thought, it would be a perfect gift for him: get him the treadmill he’s always wanted!  Thing was, the price was over our “don’t need to discuss before spending” limit (which is $100, so *most* things are well over this limit) and even thought his birthday was a milestone one, I knew he would not be pleased if I made this purchase without his involvement.  So I told him what I was thinking.

And he was over the moon excited!

So now, we are the proud owners of a Tempo 611 T:

Fancy walking machine, right here

Fancy walking machine, right here

My aunt was selling this because she – like almost everyone I’ve ever heard about – was excited to get this, but then life got in the way and she couldn’t make time to use it.  It happens, right?  All the time, to all of us, I know.  Her desire to declutter her home of things that she is no longer using, was our gain.

We went out to her house, changed the configuration of our seats in the van, and got the treadmill back home.  MOMD was so excited!  He set to work getting it reassembled, and in the perfect location for all his treadmilling.  “I don’t have to worry about going to the gym,” I could see his smile saying.  “I can make time for a run once the kids are in bed,” I knew he was thinking.  “This is so awesome – I’m going to be healthy in no time,” I imagined him saying.

It had been in our house for 7 days and not touched by anyone.  10 days, and had seen exactly 0kms tread upon it.  On day 15 I said to MOMD, “So I’m thinking about the irony of someone selling their treadmill because they never use it, and someone buys it from them for a decent amount of money, and they too, never use it.  I can’t help but find that so funny!  hahahahaha….”  Oh, how I laughed…

But really: I can’t be the only one who finds this funny, can I?

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One response to “Thoughts on Irony

  1. Matthew Smith West

    August 9, 2013 at 2:51 pm

    Touches close to home. I once bought a used piano for a respectable amount of money …


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