90210 in Real Life

15 Apr

A few months back, we signed up for Netflix.  It’s been fun – we have access to lots of shows that we haven’t thought about in ages.  And I was so excited when I discovered the original “Beverly Hills 90210” series.  I wasn’t a regular follower when it was on the air, although I did watch an episode here, and episode there.  Especially when they aired new shows during the usual summer hiatus – there was nothing else on so if I was home and it was on, I watched it.  When I uncovered the treasure trove of NetFlix, I started watching the series again, right from the start.

It is not good TV, people.  It’s really not.  But it’s funny to watch it now, more than 20 years later, and remember what a stir it caused with some of the episodes.  And the fashion!  OMG…

Anyway, watching it makes me think back to my high school days (which I must admit were pretty great).  Recently, my thoughts have turned to the gang from the show, and the gang that I hung out with.  Who would be each character?  I’m not sure really, but it’s funny for me to think about it.  So here’s what I’ve come up with:

Brenda: This one would have to be Meela.  I say that not because she was self-centred (like Brenda in the show) but because whether or not Meela wanted to be, she was the centre of our group.  She was – and still is – the funniest person I know.  She is shows concern for her friends, and isn’t afraid to state an unpopular opinion.  Meela treats all those she loves as her family, just as Brenda welcomed Kelly and Dylan into the Walsh Clan.  She had good hair then, and now has awesome hair.  She was cool.  And too, her brother (who was not her twin) was freakin’ HAWT.
Kelly: Most likely match up in our group would be Hilary.  She had the cool mom, the blonde hair, and the most dates of all of us.  She didn’t live in a mansion though, nor did she drive.  But then again, none of us did.  We had a metropass and the city was ours!
Donna: Donna as a bad rep, in large part because of the actress who played her.  Here’s what I think about Donna: she was fun-loving, easy going, and the gang enjoyed having her around.  She wasn’t afraid to do the unexpected, wasn’t afraid to be herself.  It is because of these traits that I assign her real-life matchup to the incomparable Sheila.  Miss you, She-Ra.  The world is a darker place without your light.
Andrea: I think this one was Amity.  Ami always wanted to wear glasses, but she had WAY better hair than Andrea.  She was, without question, the smarty in our group though which is how I equate her with Andrea.  Well, that and her connection to our school paper.  Although, Hilary was also editor of the school paper… anyway.  I’m sticking with Amity.
Dylan: I think this would have to be Jason.  He was super hot (believe me, everyone wanted to date him everywhere we went), had a total bad-boy image and was the guy you could count on to be there to support you and be honest with you no matter what you were going through.
Brandon: I’m going to make this guy’s real-life matchup Aaron.  He was cute (although he didn’t know it), he was a goody-goody (he didn’t drink then, and really still doesn’t now), he had perfect hair (at least in his mind!) and was always wearing blue jeans.  Aaron was clean-cut, straight-up fun.  Whatever happened to that guy, I wonder…  :p
Steve: Probably this would have been Darren.  He looked older than all of us (because he was), and so did Steve.  He was the one to order things for us with his credit card (like pizza: cheese on top!), because none of the rest of us had one.  And while Steve’s mother was the reason that Steve had access to people and places that the others didn’t (she was a famous actress on the show), Darren lived on his own and that was the ultimate freedom to most of us.
David Silver: I think this one would have been Aaron.  Although, I go back and forth on it, because on the show, no one really wanted to hang out with David and believe me when I say this was NOT the case with Aaron.  So I’m going to say that Aaron was a hybrid of Brandon & David.  Aaron was the guy who was totally into music though, he wrote and recorded his own stuff in his own studio, he didn’t dance really, but he sang.  And, he had the same hair.  Death to anyone who touched it as well!

Oh my friends mentioned in this post…  I hope you’re laughing!  Because really to me, it’s quite humourous.  Love you all!!  And you know it too.

The 90210 Gang

The 90210 gang

And some of the RCI Gang

This is half of us. Missing from here are Jason, Sheila, Amity & Darren. Good times...


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2 responses to “90210 in Real Life

  1. Skwishee

    April 17, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    Hee – I remember Jason. He used to make all us niners swoon. The very first time I saw him, I was in the middle of thinking “oh my goodness, he’s hot…” when he scratched his crotch. From that day forward, he was fondly known to the girls in my class as “Crotch” – because of course, we didn’t know his name at first.

    And totally with you on Aaron and the hair.

    But who would you have been?

    • realfoodcooking

      April 17, 2012 at 4:40 pm

      Hilary said (on my facebook page, where I posted the link to this) that I should have been Brenda because people always said that I looked like her. And it’s true – they did! But really, I don’t know who I should have been… who do you think I could have been?


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