26 Mar

You guys, what is it about doctors offices and their row upon row of sample products that so entices me???

Backtrack: Sam is sick again.  Yes, it’s true.  He spiked a fever on Friday evening and we haven’t been without fever since then.  So when he started to loose his voice yesterday, I got worried that he actually had strep throat.  Because this is exactly how he manifested strep last time he had it (which was almost 18 months ago now).  So I am taking no chances this time: if it’s strep, I wanna know about it ASAP.

Which is how this morning we found ourselves in our pediatrician’s office in downtown Toronto.  We have been seeing her since Connor was born (which incidentally, was 8 years ago today!  Happy birthday big guy!  Momma loves you, and wishes you’d let her kiss you) and I really love and trust her.  Plus, she works at Sick Kids too, so if we ever wind up there, she can continue to care for my kids, which I think would make everyone feel just that much better.

Anyway!  Back to samples.

Ever since we have been going there, the same thing happens.  You get there, you maybe wait in the waiting room, you are maybe called right away.  Always though, without fail, you wait in the treatment room you’re assigned for that visit.  Now, being a nosey, sneaky person (like I am), who gets bored when left waiting for more than say…  5 minutes (yep, that’s me too), the allure of cupboards can be too great to resist.  And that was how on my first visit to our pediatrician, I discovered that those cupboards are with stocked to the gills with stuff.  Infant or children’s Tylenol, infant or children’s Advil, spectro gel, topical ointments, inhalers, lotions and potions…  and all of it free for the taking.

I bet you know what I do, right?

I take it!  That’s right people: whenever I’m in the office you can be sure that I’m leaving there with a pack of both tylenol and advil.  And when my kid are under 12 months, you can be sure too that I’m taking any samples of the vitamin D drops too!  What about you?  Are you as susceptible to the lure of free stuff?  Not just any stuff though – stuff that you know for sure a time will come when you’re going to need it, and you either (a) won’t have it or (b) what you have will be expired.

Which is how my purse currently contains a box of children’s tylenol, as well as a bottle of children’s advil.

And just in case you were worried, I’m happy to share that no it is not strep throat.  The Doc thinks it’s the tail end of the flu, which is now becoming a cold.  So…  yay…  Sam’s had the flu twice in the last couple of weeks…  See??  I told you he could be sickly.

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