Being Sick, Taking Naps, and Doing what Needs to be Done

06 Mar

Today, my eldest is home sick.  He spiked a fever last night just before bed, and it was still hanging around with him this morning.  Add to that the knowledge that he threw up just as he was waking up for the day (MOMD thinks the coughing he was doing at that time caused the vomit, but still.  If he’s puking, he’s not going to school) and I knew he would be staying home.

Today was going to be an exciting day for Sam & I.  I registered him for a program at the OEYC called “Stepping Stones to School” and today was the first session.  I was excited about it because 1) it’s in the school that he will be attending come September, and some familiarity would go a long way to easing any possible nervousness about school.  2) it starts at 12:30 and goes until 2:45.  I drop Sam in the classroom, and me and the other care givers go to the staff room down the hall, have coffee and chat with one another.  SWEET!  And the other part that really thrills me is that this program is free.  I paid nothing for it.  Well I suppose I do indirectly through taxes and whatnot, but not cost at the time of registering!  I love that.

Alas, today we wouldn’t be going because Connor is sick.

I made the best of it: pajama day for everyone!  Sam was having none of that, however and was dressed before I was even out of bed (the school bus leaves our stop at 7:42 every day. If I didn’t have to get up to make a lunch and get everyone to the bus, I was not going to.  Judge me if you will; I was up by 7:10 anyway).  Connor, on the other hand, was glad that I was in agreement with his position, ’cause he was not getting out of those jammies for nothing.

We had a lazy morning, watching TV, playing Mario Brothers and lounging on the couch.  At lunchtime which Connor was able to eat and keep down, I told him that he would have to have a nap today.  “Part of the body’s healing process, my Love.”  He agreed readily enough, which frankly shocked me.  He hates to nap and it’s usually an epic struggle to get him to rest.  But sure enough, when 12:50 came around and I called for naptime, he went to his room willingly.

Sam decided that having a nap was a good idea too.  Sam does not nap anymore, as a general rule of thumb.  We gave up naps before Christmas when it became clear that his bedtime was being pushed back about as long as he had slept that day.  So he’s been off naps for a while.  Some days he falls asleep on the couch, and I let him have 20 – 30 minutes.  But no more.

Until today…

He got into bed just like Connor at 12:50 and I’m sure was asleep no later than 1:00 (I got in the shower, so I couldn’t say for sure).  He’s still sleeping, and my kitchen clock now says 2:04.  One part of my brain says that I should wake him, make him get up and move around so that he will go to sleep tonight.  Another part of me is so happy to have some time today to make some calls (business related) as I’ll be out at our Region Meeting tonight and unable to call then.

So I found myself at a crossroads: should I feel guilty, give in, and wake him?  Or should I accept that today is a different day, and give myself permission to do what I need to do to move forward?

I decided on the latter.  Guilt has never been something that I willingly participate in, and some days, we all just need a nap.  So the kids can sleep and I will move forward.


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2 responses to “Being Sick, Taking Naps, and Doing what Needs to be Done

  1. Amanda Scrimgeour

    March 6, 2012 at 8:22 pm

    Naps are good for the healing process, but also may help Sam not catch whatever Connor caught. Good call on lettin him sleep. I was down for a solid 3 hours yesterday afternoon and I still went to bed and slept easily at 930 last night. Hope it’s the same at your house tonight. (except in kid times… 930 is *my* inner kiddie bedtime. )


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