TV that I Watch

05 Mar

Yesterday as I was grappling with the what-to-do-with-the-car issue, the bright spot on my horizon was knowing that The Amazing Race would be on at 8:00.

I love The Amazing Race (TAR).  Like, so much.  As far as reality TV goes, I think it’s the best really.  I love seeing different places in the world, getting little snippets of history, and yeah watching ignorant people speaking Spanish in Portugal always makes me laugh.

I am one of those people who loves television.  Especially good television.  And there is a lot of it out there right now — ask me!  ’cause I have a lot of watching on my plate!  MOMD & I rarely watch our shows live; we stream via our computer from network websites, Netflix and even from iTunes.  In fact, we have put in the order to cancel our cable because we watch so little live.  Not even the kids really watch live TV (Treehouse is an exception, but really Sam prefers his shows on Netflix too).  There’s nothing we love more than getting to the end of the week and having 4 hours of TV to get through — that’s what we do with our Friday & Saturday nights. We catch up on what we missed.

And so today, I thought I would share with you what TV we watch.  Without further aidue, here is my list:

Reality TV

America’s Next Top Model *
The Amazing Race


Parks & Recreation
Modern Family
30 Rock
The Office
Cougar Town


The Walking Dead
Mad Men
Game of Thrones
True Blood
Breaking Bad

I think that’s about it.  Of the shows listed in “Drama”, we’re only watching one of these right now.  Well, 2; we’re watching Breaking Bad on Netflix, and are only partway through season 1, so I’m not someone you should talk to about current plot lines.  I’ll tell you though: it’s amazing television.  The other one we’re watching now is The Walking Dead.  SOOOO GOOD!!!  Mad Men starts back up in about 2 weeks time, Game of Thrones on April 1 (incidentally: the books are outstanding as well) and True Blood is usually in June sometime.

Ahhh TV…  how I love your alternate universes…

* Note: MOMD would not be caught DEAD watching this.  It is my indulgence alone.  I did not list shows he watches that I do not, so I thought it only fair to identify the shows that I watch on my own.

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