Hope Found

05 Mar

After my despair-wrought post from Sunday, I thought I owed you an update.

I took the advice of my aunt and planned to get Roxy to her mechanic today, in Oshawa.  I called CAA for a tow to the shop, and a very friendly man arrived at our door around 9:10.  He had a trick up his sleeve and was able to get our car started.  He told me in no uncertain terms that if I turned the car off, it would not start again.  The good news here is that the issue was – without a doubt – the starter.

Sam & I piled ourselves into the car and drove to the mechanic.  He is a very kind gentleman, whose easy-going demeanor immediately put me at ease.  I liked him.  He told me that most cars he deals with are 14+ years old, and that just the other day he had one in with 464,000 kms on it.  He noted that our car is a Toyota; he said, “A Toyota – I don’t often get to work on these!”  He confirmed that yes our car still has a good 5 years in it, at least another 200,000kms.  He promised that he’d have Roxy back on the road by 4:00 today, and it would cost about $300 (Toyota parts being more expensive than most American brand parts).

When I got back to get the car at 4:00, she was ready and purring like a kitten.  He had done a complete overview of the vehicle, and told me that he could see no major issues with the car, and that we should be good to go for a while yet.  What a relief!  I smiled and said, “That’s great news!”  His response?  “Maybe for you, but not for me,” as he smiled back at me.

Here’s the thing: this is the first time I didn’t feel like I was being talked down to by a car person.  I didn’t feel like he was patting me on my head, telling me not to think about these manly things.  Most importantly, I didn’t feel like I should scrutinize the invoice checking for “padding”.  He was honest, considerate and most of all, efficient.  If you live in Durham and would like a referral to a great mechanic, I’ve got one for you:

Family Auto
Mirza Bacchus-Misir
199 Waterloo St, Unit #4
Oshawa, ON  L1H 3W9
(905) 720-3834

He works on appointments, but you are welcome to drop in as well.  He has a son with special needs, and from time to time he needs to take him to appointments so he may not be in the shop.  Just make sure to call — he will return your call promptly.  He’s open from Monday – Saturday.

As for me, I’m happy to have the car back on the road.  After dinner tonight I’ll be heading up to Babyrama to check out their strollers, even though I’ve lost the chance to win one.  And yeah, I’m still excited.


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2 responses to “Hope Found

  1. Denise

    March 6, 2012 at 2:06 am

    Good news Michelle & thanks for the info on the shop. I always feel like I’m getting ripped off whenever my car does into the shop. It seems like I take it in for one thing & it comes home with another problem.

    Thanks again, take care


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