Teddy Bears & Sleepy Toys

29 Feb

When I was pregnant in the summer of 2003 with our first child (who came out and was named Connor) MOMD & I took a lovely vacation of the Eastern Provinces of Canada.  A friend of ours was getting married in Moncton, New Brunswick, and we decided that it was the perfect time to go and have a little tour of the Maritimes.  We had lived together for a short while in Halifax (over the fall of 2000 and the winter & spring of 2001), and so were really looking forward to going back to some of our favourite haunts (The Press Gang, The Brewery Market, and Mary’s Bread Basket to name but a few).  We decided too that we would spend a few days in Canada’s smallest (but mighty!) province, making up for the trip we had to cancel in May of 2001 to Prince Edward Island’s Cavendish Shore.

We planned it all out, flew into Halifax, rented a great little car and traveled around the Maritimes.  It was lovely – the weather was perfect every where we went, the wedding was emotional and heartfelt, and all of the food was amazing.  We had a great “farewell to couplehood” tour.  Of course, the change that was coming to our lives was never far from our minds.  Not in the least because I was nearing the end of the 1st trimester and was just chronically exhausted!  We were always on the lookout for a special “something” for the baby.  So when we stumbled upon this great little store in PEI, we had to go in.  What we came out with was this:

Ripley, still adorable, but certainly well loved.

He looks a little different now, as he was attached to Connor I swear almost surgically, for almost 6 years.  When we moved out to Ajax, and he got a “big boy room” with a bunk bed and all, he decided he was too old for sleepy toys.  Suffice to say though, he was a more-than-treasured companion for Connor for a long, long time.  Heaven forbid we not Ripley at bedtime ~ he could not sleep without him.

So when we found out we were carrying our second child, MOMD & I knew we’d have to once again find the perfect bear for baby number 2.  It was a long, long search.  I mean, most of the pregnancy.  I think we finally got Guber about 2-3 weeks before Sam was born.

And here's Guber. Doesn't he remind you a bit of "Bear in the Big Blue House"?

Sadly, this great little store is no longer around.  When we were there, the owner told us that she was in her last few weeks of having a store-front, explaining that she was moving to a solely online shop.  And now we can’t even find their website.  Thankfully we got there though, because Guber is the perfect bear for our Sam.  In fact, MOMD & Connor were scoping out the offerings on the website in advance of our trip, and Connor saw the bear and knew it was the right one for his brother-to-be.  And then, when I walked in the store, I saw it and I too was smitten and there were no other bears for us.  Guber is as much a part of Sam’s life as Ripley was of Connor’s.

And so now, now we’re expecting the last in the our line, and we found out yesterday that it’s a girl this time (happy dance!  Happy dance!!  Yay hurray for some ESTROGEN!!).  Which means (not because it’s a girl, but because it’s a new baby) that we need to find another perfect bear or sleepy toy for this little wonder.  But where to go?  I’m stumped.  Stymied, even.  Do you have any ideas?  I only have until July 5 to find the perfect toy for this perfect child…  help!


**Note: I still to this day regret not buying a shirt for my Dad in PEI that had this printed on it:


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2 responses to “Teddy Bears & Sleepy Toys

  1. Amy Clarke

    March 7, 2012 at 11:50 pm

    I found you a teddy bear for your future little girl! Here you go!


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