Pancakes & Pork Products for Everyone!

21 Feb

Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday; or, more commonly knows as Pancake Day, or Fat Tuesday.  It marks the last day before Christians enter a period of fasting known as Lent, the idea being that you fill up on all the fatty, delicious foods that you’re going to be abstaining from to honour Christ’s 40 days in the desert.  For more on Lent, click here.

So every Pancake Day MOMD & I host a big ol’ feast.  Now, when we moved out to Ajax though, it wasn’t really realistic to expect the usual gang to come out here for dinner.  Not in rush-hour traffic, with young kids, who all have school the next day.  So we moved it to happen on the weekend immediately preceding the day.  What a happy coincidence that this year Family Day was just before pancake day!  We had 25 relations (of the blood or of the heart – we aren’t picky) come for the annual feast today and man.  What a feast it was.

6 batches of our renowned pancakes, 3lbs of sausages, 5lbs of bacon and 5lbs of peameal bacon, 4 dozen eggs and 36 cups of coffee to wash it all down (oh — and juice boxes for the kids too).  A bunch of plates (dish ware and disposable), cutlery, coffee cups, napkins and we had ourselves a feast.

At one point, while pork products were frying and pancakes were cooking, one of my Aunts (who I named Mistress of Pork today) said, “Michelle, I don’t know what we’d do if you guys stopped hosting this event.”  I laughed it off saying, “Someone else would carry on the tradition I’m sure.”

But here’s the truth: I don’t think MOMD & I would host this every year if the guests were not the people they are.  Here’s why.  Because they are happy to bring whatever we ask them to, they cheerfully pitch in in the kitchen with cooking, preparing, presenting whatever is needed, they’re there.  The best part though?  They always clean up too.  Seriously!  When the last of them had left, there was pretty much nothing for us left to do expect put away a few dishes.  So you hear that we had 25 people for brunch, and that we ate on real-live plates, with real-live cutlery, and you think, “Are they insane?!?!” And you know, the answer may be yes.  I’m not going to argue with that hypothesis.  I will say that it’s not quite so daunting a task when you factor in the help of all of the able-bodied adults who attend.  It really is a group effort, full of chatting, laughter and love.

So Aunty, not to worry.  As long as you all keep doing everything with us, we are happy to have you. And may there always be pork products for all.

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