Little Luxuries

18 Feb

It’s become somewhat of a habit for MOMD to take the kids and be gone for a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  And I am always left wondering what to do with myself…  Sure, I could sort the mess of clothes on the floor in my room, or find a place to put away the clean clothes on the pile at the foot of my bed.  I could take the dog out for a walk, I could make a cuppa tea and read, I could make some phone calls that I’ve always got to make…

And some days, I decide to just luxuriate.  Like I did today.  I drew a steaming hot bath in my double-sized tub, filled a huge cup with ice and cold water, grabbed some delicious dark chocolate and my current book, and I soaked.  When I got out of the tub I did a face mask.  I scrubbed my feet, and then lotioned them up and slid them into socks so they stayed warm and clean and soft.

Every time I do this, I feel so much better.  No matter what my mood was before the bath, it’s always improved by a little pampering.  The chocolate and the foot-scrubbing are not always part of the routine – most times, I just soak with a book and the water (have to keep my temperature down, don’t you know).  I’ve heard it said before that surrounding our bodies in water is one of the most therapeutic things we can do.  The people who tell me this are adamant that bathing is not the same as showering, and while you may feel good after a shower, you will feel immensely better after a bath.

I can say conclusively that this is true for me.  And apparently, Hippocrates from ancient Greece agrees with me.  I’m not sure there’s a lot of science behind why I appreciate a bath; I say this because I feel even more luxuriant when I take that bath in the middle of the day.  I think because it’s so far outside my routine…  and really, there is no one to focus on when I’m in the tub except for me.  All of the niggly little thoughts that have been vying for attention in my head get it when I am alone.  As I take care of other people’s needs all day long, when I take a moment to care for my needs – in the middle of a day even – I feel indulgent.

Even more so if it involves a glass of wine and/or some delicious dark chocolate!

So: take it from me.  It’s totally worth it to take advantage of the little luxuries when the moment to do so presents itself.  Work will always be there when you get out of the tub, and you’ll be so much more effective – happy to do it even – after a good soak.

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