A Movie Review (sort of)

13 Feb

On the weekend I did something I’ve never done before: I went to see a movie with just one child.  Connor – my oldest – and I went.  You may be wondering why, if he is my oldest, this is the first time I’ve been to see a movie with just him.  Well, that’s a fair question.  When we had just him, we often went to see movies together, as a family.  Then, when Sam came on the scene, movies were seen by Connor and his Dad.  They have always been very close, Connor and MOMD.  It’s lovely, it really is.  But I’ll admit, there were times when it made me sad.  I wanted to be important to him too…  If you have any experience with any 18-month old child, you will know that they can be stubborn!  No amount of cajoling would convince him that I was just as good as his Dad.  And, over time, this took it’s toll on me, I suppose.  I allowed the distance to remain between us, and maybe even encouraged the gap.  This was all done without intention mind you, and now that I’ve become aware of what I’m doing (repeating the pattern my Dad initiated with me) I am taking steps to rectify it.

Interestingly enough, I’m not sure that Connor even realizes I don’t feel close to him.  And so we go back to what I talked about here, where perception is truth in the eye of the beholder…

Wow!  this was supposed to be a light and fluffy movie review.  Sorry guys!!  I’ll get to that right now.

We saw “Big Miracle”.

“Big Miracle” Universal Studios, Anonymous Content, Working Title Films

If you’re not familiar with this movie, it is the story of 3 whales who wind up trapped in ice in Alaska, very likely to die.  The people who live in Barrow, and eventually the world, band together and mount a rescue attempt.

When I saw the commercial for it, I said to MOMD, “Connor would really enjoy that, I think.”  He readily agreed with me.  You see, both of my kids love nature stories.  They have watched National Geographic Kids shows about animals, they love shows like Wild Kratts and Zoboomafoom.  They love to read about animals and the world around us.  So I was sure this was right up Connor’s alley (Sam doesn’t have the attention to sit through a movie yet.  And he cries when the lights go down. So, no movies for him).  On Saturday afternoon, Connor & I took the gift card he got from his Nana & Grampa for Christmas (thanks again, Nan & Grampa!) and headed up to the theatre.

I had told him what the show was about and he was excited.  What I didn’t consider when we went to see this show, was that it’s a Hollywood film and as such would have story lines that do not interest him at all.  Some of these included:

  1. The struggle of a female reporter in LA goes through to be taken seriously by her news station.
  2. Watching 2 people who have a failed relationship in their past come to work together on rescue efforts, and all the drama that comes with that.
  3. The news reporting segments which are used to move the narrative forward (and are actual newsreels, I might add, from the time that this story actually took place).

Connor enjoyed the movie in large part.  The story of the whales was obviously what he cared most about.  He did find it tough to follow the subtitles when the Russians were talking (they move on the screen so quickly that it’s hard for him to read it in time) so I read those out loud for him.  When his Dad asked if he liked it he said, “Yeah, it was pretty good.”

I would say that it was a little too much for him.  There were some parts that really upset him, some parts (see list above) that bored him out of his mind, and some parts that he really was riveted by.  For me, I loved having the chance to be alone with him… he’s almost 8 now and soon these moments will be fewer and farther between.  I enjoyed the story, and I love John Krasinski & Kristin Bell.

I don’t really get into number gradings.  Mostly because numbers can be subjective: is a 6/10 good or bad?  So what I think I’d like my rating scale to look like is this: Don’t see it (that means we hated it).  Good, but rent it (it was worth watching, but not worth $30 in the theatre). Go see it NOW.  Don’t walk, RUN.

Now that you understand my scale, I’m going to give this movie a solid “Good, but Rent it.”  Now goodluck finding a video store…

Movie poster used without permission.  Information shared here came in large part from my experience with the movie, and little details from IMDB.  I was not paid for this review, but if you want to pay me I accept cash and/or cheques.

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