Remember I told you I was sick?

09 Feb

And do you remember how I said nothing serious or contagious?  Well, as it turns out, I may have been right on one of those counts.

I saw my OB yesterday for my regular monthly checkup and we talked about the strange and weird pains I had been having, what I was doing when they started, how they were unpredictable and so on.  While she was considering everything we had talked about, I said, “So, maybe I’m just weird, right?”  She looked at me and said, “If you’d like to go with that diagnosis we can…”  To which I responded, “I’m sure it’s all ready a scientifically proven fact!”  and we laughed.

What she said next though really did shock me.  She said, “It sounds to me like you had a gallbladder attack.”

HUH?!?!  What does that mean?!?!

She goes on to explain that fertile women of “our age” she said (I didn’t correct her, even when she said “in our early 40’s” because I didn’t think it really mattered in the moment.  But really — I’m 37.  Not “early 40’s”) are perfect candidates for gallbladder attacks.  It can mean nothing really at all, being just an isolated incident, or it can repeat itself and over time lead to something more serious.  Like surgery, I imagine.

I mention casually that my sister-in-law had to have her gallbladder removed last year.  Doc responds with, “Well, we really try not to do that to pregnant women.”  So, not contagious, but maybe serious.

I’ll be honest: that comment did not really reassure me.  In truth though, I can say that I’m not really concerned about it. Is that weird?  Maybe it is.  I am really comforted to know that those random, debilitating pains were not just (a) in my head and (b) apropos of nothing!

Do you know what I mean when I say, “in my head”?  I mean, of course you do – you’re a smart person.  You’re here and reading for god’s sake!  How many things can “in my head” mean?  Well I guess what I mean specifically is that sometimes I feel worn-down by my life.  And when that happens I always look to the blessings in my life and tell myself to get over it, and keep on keepin’ on.  I have a lovely home, 2 great kids – one on the way who is sure to be equally magnificent as the 2 predecessors – a husband who loves me and whom I love (hence: MOMD [Man of My Dreams]) an amazing business where I make enough money to keep on staying home with the kiddies and the dog…  do you see where I’m going?  Sometimes I think that I am just whiny.  And that maybe I’m making up ailments to get me a “sick day”.

*as an aside: GOD how I miss sick days!!  Those were 10 extra days a year that I would make sure I used up.  And now, when I’m actually sick, it takes some effort to get someone to care for all of my daily responsibilities so I can actually go back to bed and rest…  Man, I just didn’t know what I had… **

So anyway — while it may seem frightening to have this “gallbladder attack” hanging over my head, it really is a relief.  Because I now know that those 1.5 days I took to just go to bed or get in the bath were required, not just desperately desired.

And to be clear: I am still not in my early 40’s.

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