Today I was sick.

07 Feb

Don’t fret – nothing serious, and I doubt it was anything contagious either.  Whatever it was hit me around 3:00 yesterday and hung around all day today.  It kept me up until 1:00 this morning with pains in my abdomen, near to my solar plexus (yes, I know that your abdomen isn’t that high up.  But I am pregnant.  So mine has…  shifted.  Northwards.) and I thought when I got up today that I was fine.  I did — really.  I washed my face, brushed my teeth even got dressed and everything.  But by 8:00 the pains were back and I knew I was in no shape for anything today.

And thank GOD for one of the best Mom’s ever.  (That’d be *my* Mom.) Because she came and picked up my little Sam and took him away so I could rest and recover.

I don’t want you thinking that it was all feelings of yuckiness over here though.  It wasn’t – not entirely.  Before Nana came to get him, he said to me, “Mom, why don’t you come over here on the couch and snuggle with me?  That will make you feel better.”  And while hearing his little voice echoing back my words of comfort to him did make my heart melt, I’m sorry to report that it did not alleviate my overall oogey-ness.

And then, my Mom tells me when they get back from their time together that Sam said that he was having a nice time with her, “But I miss my Michelle…” (That’d be me.  His mom.)

So amidst the sicky-ness, there was a lot of heart-warming happening too.

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Posted by on February 7, 2012 in Randomness


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