A trip down memory lane…

23 Jan

This post goes out to anyone who ever lived with someone who shaved a fair bit of hair from their face (or anywhere on the body, really, as long as they used the bathroom sink to do it in) and left a nasty mess in the sink afterwards.

Do you know what I’m talking about?  That ring of short hairs all around the sink, that gets really stuck onto the sink and you need like CLR to get it off?

Yeah – if you know what I’m talking about, this post’s for you!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, but you have occasion to shave hair from your body using the bathroom sink, LISTEN UP because there are some pointers here for you!

I have some Vexations, shall we say, that revolve around the bathroom.  I know exactly where they stem from too.  See, my Dad?  He was a MAJOR Bathroom Offender.  And while it’s true that when he was done in the bathroom it always smelled lovely because of his cologne, it did not make up for the path of devastation he left behind.  What kind of devastation am I talking about?  Well — I’ll tell you.

The bathmat:  Soaking Wet.  No, I don’t mean it was wet, I mean it was saturated.  It was like the man had an aversion to towels post-showering.  And usually, there was a trail leading from the shower to the bathmat of water.  Puddles really.  And I always stepped in the water, either on the saturated bathmat or the puddles on the floor.  Which would aggravate me – and my mother who I can hear saying “These socks don’t wash themselves, you know!” – because you cannot wear wet socks.  As a result, in my house, your feet had better be good and dry before you step out of the shower or the tub and onto the floor.

The sink: My dad shaved every day.  I don’t think he was overly hairy, but then again he shaved every day so how would I know?  And every time he was finished there would be this nasty ring of hair in the sink.  Maybe not every time; it’s possible that my child-mind is exaggerating it’s memories.  But often enough that it became a Vexation.  And now, MMD shaves about twice a week.  And usually he’s really good about cleaning up the sink afterwards.  But you know, he slips from time to time because (a) he’s human and (b) he likely figures that since he’s the one who cleans the bathroom anyway, I have no grounds for complaint.  And yeah, he may have a point.  So I don’t get as irrational about the sink as I do about the bathmats.


This all started as a trip down memory lane (man, can a girl get sidetracked on her blog!).  Today in Ajax, the weather has been positively spring-like (you may have noticed that it’s January 23.  Yes, it’s January and spring-like.) with temperatures of 5 degrees and cascading rain.  In other words: not really  nice.  So when Sam went for his nap, instead of doing any of the myriad of things I had on my “to do” list, I decided to take a bath.  And while the water was running, I thought it would be nice to shave while I was in there, just like I used to do when I was a teen living in my parents home.

Well…  this was not my best idea I can say with certainty.  First of all, it’s been a long time since I shaved.  What?!  It’s winter, and I’m pregnant.  Lemme alone.  So I started off by exfoliating my legs (it’s a product I sell, I will link to it at the bottom – only follow it if you want to) and then I started to shave.  Well.  I created a ring around the tub, just like the hated ring around the sink!  And I was not happy people, not happy!  I quickly drained the tub, grabbed some dirty face clothes and started to wipe the hairs up while rinsing the tub.  Because damnit, I am NOT going to be the cause of my own personal vexation!  Once the clean up was done, I hoped in the shower to wash the remainder of those hairs off my body.  And since I was there, I washed my face too.

So in short: the trip down memory lane was not at all nostalgic.  The upshot is that I’m clean.  And now so is the tub.


The product I used is called Foaming Sea Salt Scrub.  Here’s the link if you want to check it out:

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